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DynaCam begins on a strong foundation. Since 1996 our company’s founder has worked as a motion picture professional and over his career he has designed and invented multiple products for the motion picture industry. Because of his history as a designer, DynaCam begins with endorsements and alliances from significant cinema industry brands. Creating Demand drives supply. Design alliances, endorsements and marketing partnerships will work to accelerate demand for DynaCam.



Owner / DP

Brian has traveled the world with a camera on his shoulder. Working for some of the largest commercial clients, ministries, and feature studios in the country. Whether he is documenting the devastation of an Ebola outbreak or shooting a national commercial for Samsung, he is focused on the quality of image and the story the client is trying to tell. Equally at home in any situation, Brian manages to capture the best of people through his lens and bring out the humanity and personality in every scene. Knowing your craft and equipment can make all the difference in a successful project and Brian is a master of both.

“I believe there is always time for a good story.” - Brian Murie



Owner / Operations

Phillip is the COO of DynaCam. Prior to joining DynaCam, he focused his success on building multiple companies in several genres including healthcare and consulting. Phillip's heart redlines through anything adventure-seeking. He loves cars, motorsports, and anything college athletics... but when he needs something more calming, he hits up the golf course. And of course, he is a die-hard Tennessee Volunteers fan. Phillip's most recent passion has been growing DynaCam and creating the ultimate experience for his clients.

“ Zero is a bad multiplier.”  - Phillip Fulmer Jr

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