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DynaCam Days will be a weekend of capturing beautiful cars while expanding drivers' knowledge of the capabilities of their vehicles.

1 Day: $3,000 2 Day: $5,500

What a DynaCam Day might look like:

7am to 8am

Walkaround cars

DynaCam Vehicle demonstration

Instruction begins

Dry Run at course





Gather at a luxurious location for greetings, coffee and catered breakfast.

Each car owner shows us their car in a quick intro and walkaround.
Filmed be BTS camera op and 2nd AC.
Each guest and instructor is wearing Tentacle audio pack. recording iso audio

  • show the movement of the arm

  • show the truck and its mods

  • show the camera system and its features

Bradley and Brian walk the drivers through what we will be achieving in their course run. BTS operator and 2nd AC shoot video and stills of owners' cars.

Drivers run the course with a driving coaches. Cameras inside car. Acceleration, Handling, Communication.

Return to House for Catered lunch

Final walk-through on miniatures board

All drivers go to lock down road for Dynacam filming runs. Other drivers watch footage on wireless screens at Video Village tents. Every driver gets 3 or 4 passes with the DynaCam car.

Dinner served, and drivers depart

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